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Monday, December 14, 2009

Galapagos Trip - Flowers

Dear Family and Friends,

When we went to the Galapagos islands, I was not even thinking flowers. The islands are mostly volcanic rock with little vegetation so I didn't have plants on my mind.

There are however, many nice wild flowers and after a day or two I started to take some photographs. Looking back at my pictures, most of the flowers I took pictures of were yellow, but since I wasn't really paying attention to begin with, I probably missed some other beautiful colors.

I do not know the names of the flowers, but this one looks to be related to a Hibiscus. It was growing wild. (Update: This is a Hibiscus!)

Here is an interesting plant and it was growing wild also. (Update: This is a Mimosa)

I think the following two pictures are of the same flowers. They captivated my attention so I pulled out my camera and had a grand time. Again, they seemed to be growing wild. (Update: Yellow Cordia - Coria Lutea)

Here is an interesting one. If you are able to identify any of these flowers, an email would be appreciated. I can then come back to this post and add the names.

Even the cactus was blooming.... (Update: Opuntia)

These last flowers were not wild. They were growing at a hotel we checked out. I think these might be "bleeding hearts."

Thank you Paul McFarling for your help in identifying these flowers.

Tomorrow, I will post about the animals. I have been patiently posting about everything else but my heart is in the animal photos. I saved the best until last.

Oh, by the way, if you are thinking of coming to Cuenca in the future you might be interested in this great apartment. It is located very close to the historic district and all the tourist activities. This apartment belongs to our friends, Rich and Nancy, and they have lovingly remodeled it. If you want more information you can check out their blog. Rich and Nancy took us there yesterday so we could see the finished apartment. They have done a very nice job making it very comfortable. It will be a nice alternative to staying in a hotel room.


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  1. Hello Nancy,

    Looking through your flowers, these are the ones I recognize:
    1) Hibiscus (correct)
    2) Mimosa
    3) & 4) Yellow Cordia (Cordia lutea)
    5) ?
    6) Opuntia
    7) ?

    I have a few Galapagos flowers on my website at: I've put them into water color!


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