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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walking Brings Rewards

Dear Family and Friends,

Over the past few weeks, Rich, Nancy, Chuck and I have begun a routine of walking into the center of the city on Sunday mornings. We get an early start and usually run into Brian and Shelley somewhere in the Parque Calderon. Of course, making it all the way into town calls for a well earned cappuccino break.

Last Sunday, Chuck suggested that we try a new restaurant located on Calle Larga, that is owned and operated by a couple from Australia. The name of the restaurant is Kookaburra Cafe.

They are open for breakfast and lunch. We had a very good breakfast from their varied menu. The best part was that their cappuccinos (which they call white espresso) are the best I've had here. We all had seconds on the coffee.

It is not the kind of place that you hurry in and grab a quick bite. It is a place to relax and enjoy your friends and the meal.

The restaurant looks and feels homey and comfortable. They have done a beautiful job of restoring the old building.

Yesterday, we met Rich and Nancy there for breakfast again. Larry Marler and John (a new expat to Cuenca) were having breakfast there also.

All six of us gathered around the round table and had a nice visit. I would not be surprised if this restaurant becomes a morning ritual for many expats to meet up and enjoy the wonderful breakfast and excellent coffee.

Here are the owners, Chris and Jenny Bluefields.

So, besides better health, our walking has rewarded us with a great new place to eat.


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  1. I agree, the Bluefields are a delightful couple. I spent three months with them earlier this year taking part in the hectic rush to get their Kookaburra Cafe ready for business. They are living their dream and from what I've read doing it very well indeed. Of course I might be prejudiced, but then again mothers are allowed that luxury, don't you agree?


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