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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year off on Right Foot

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I celebrated New Year's Eve with friends at the Mediterraneo Restaurant. We had a wonderful meal with great friends. We all left the restaurant just before midnight so we could walk the streets and witness the burning effigies. We enjoyed this last year and if you want to know more about this Ecuadorian celebration on New Year's Eve click here.

On New Years day we invited our friends, Larry and Linda, over for a traditional southern US New Years day meal. It consisted of black eyed peas (for luck), pork chops, cole slaw, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, corn bread and iced tea.

After lunch we played a table game called Upwards. It was pretty much a laid back day and we really enjoyed the day.

New Year's Day night, Audrey and Jim (Chuck's sister and her husband) arrived around 8:00pm or so. We hugged them good, chatted awhile and then fell into bed.

On Saturday, Chuck and I threw the "1st Annual Trailer Park Trash Scrambled Dog Bash" party. I served scrambled dogs to friends in February and decided it was time to do it again.

We invited as many people as we could seat in our condo. Wish we had more space because we wanted to invite many more. We had table inside and outside. We covered the tables with plastic table cloths. Put a sheet over the sofa. We asked people to feel free to come in appropriate attire....."trailer trash."

Charlie, we all agreed, was the "best dressed." Here he is, in character, dunking Oreo cookies into coca cola. Yum Yum.

Other than the provided scrambled dogs, Holly brought a wonderful potato salad and everyone brought good junk food....chips, dips, cookies and candy.

We all had a fun time. The only thing we decided we would do different next time is the time of year. I think right after New Year's Day everyone is pretty much partied out. We certainly will do this again but not at the end of the party season.

Sunday morning, Audrey, Jim, Chuck and I walked over to meet Rich and Nancy for what is now becoming our traditional Sunday walk to town.

There is one uphill stretch at the beginning of our walk, but luckily we have benches half way up the hill so we can stop and catch our breath.

Here are Jim and Rich resting a bit.

We walked on to town and rewarded ourselves with a delicious breakfast at Kookaburra cafe.

After breakfast we walked around the city center and then Chuck, Audrey, Jim and I came home on the bus and rested.

Hope your New Year is off to a great start.


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