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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

I broke a cardinal rule.....never, never promise something while posting a blog. I last said that I would post pictures of Jim's dinner. Well, I got so absorbed in the evening that I absolutely forgot to pull out my camera. I thought it about as Rich and Nancy started to leave. It is a shame too because the table was absolutely beautiful.

Yesterday, Chuck and I went to visit our friend, Brian, in the hospital. We found him sitting up in a chair and waiting for Shelley to finish the paperwork so that he could be discharged. Other than being groggy from the pain medication, he said he felt alright. We are wishing him an uneventful, rapid recovery and bright days ahead.

Last night we went to Gringo night at the Eucalyptus Cafe. We were going to try and hit both venues, but after we go settled at the Eucalyptus we decided to just stay there and eat. Before we left, a group of friends came into the Eucalyptus from Zoes (the other venue). We were very tired, so we gladly gave them our chairs. We took a taxi home and wasted no time getting to bed.

The four of us, Chuck, Jim, Audrey and I are planning a trip to Loja for a few days. Jim wants to take a look around there. Hopefully we will make it to Vilcambamba for a day or so while we are down that way.




  1. I'm just starting to understand blogs and trying my hand at one, about food and plants.
    I also live in Ecuador, but in Quito.
    I'd like to see a picture of Jim's dinner!

  2. I wish I could share a picture with you of Jim's dinner, but like I said, I was so absorbed in the fun of the evening, I forgot to pull out my camera. Sorry.


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