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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just When You Think Things are Settling Down......

Dear Family and Friends,

After the new years celebrations Chuck and I were ready to settle down into our usual routines. On January 5, Chuck read in the local newspaper that there was going to be a procession commemorating the three kings (wise men) arriving to see Jesus.

I decided to take the bus to San Blas and check things out.

It turns out the procession was a parade of children, dressed in costumes, walking with their parents to take the baby Jesus to another church and eventually to a neighborhood.

I had more fun photographing these children before they headed out. I have to share these with you. I will mark this date on our calendar so that we will not miss it next year.

Yesterday, the 6th of January, is the actual celebrated day of the three kings arriving to see Jesus. It is also the day that is marked that King Herod had all the male children under 3 years old slain. So last night there was a "Parade of the Innocents." This parade was so different from the previous religious parade the day before.

Young people (teens through twenties) dressed in every costume imaginable paraded through the streets. They had elaborate costumes and floats. They poked fun at any and everything....religion, politics, the media, the world.

We viewed the parade from Rich and Nancy's adobe. It was a perfect location to be able to look down on the parade and get an unobstructive view. The parade lasted for hours and we were getting too hungry for dinner to wait for the end. We weaved our way through the crowds of people and ended up at a steak house for a fabulous dinner. Charlie, Bruce, Rich, Nancy, Jim, Audrey, Chuck and I closed the place down and were thankful they called us a taxi to get home as it was midnight.

Since the second parade was in the night, my pictures were too blurry. That is too bad because it was a hoot.

Tonight, Jim is cooking dinner and Rich and Nancy are joining us. I can smell the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen as I am posting this blog. I'll make pictures and share with you tomorrow.


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