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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Valentine's day to you. We are sending our thoughts of love, peace and well being out to you and your loved ones.

Here in Cuenca we have noticed that Valentine's day is not only for expressing love to your sweetheart but is also a day of "amistad" (friendship). Knowing that amistad means friendship in Spanish helps us to understand where the word "amigo" (friend) comes from. So in keeping with our new home, we are sending our love to all our friends...that means YOU.

Besides Valentine's day, Carnival is being celebrated here in Ecuador. This long weekend (Sat-Tues) is the last hoorah before Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of Lent. Carnival is celebrated here by throwing water, cornstarch or spraying foam on anyone you can hit. On the coast this is probably not so bad as it is hot weather and the water could be refreshing, but here in Cuenca it can be quite cold.

During this holiday weekend Cuenca almost shuts down. The people head to the coast for some fun and sun. This leaves the people like us, that stay here, as targets for the merry makers throwing water balloons.

Thursday evening I got a hair brained idea. Why not have a pot luck, invite friends over to have fun without being threatened by water balloons? So I sent out emails and we will see what happens.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of our little get together.

Until then, pass on peaceful and loving thoughts to everyone you meet. It really makes a difference in their lives and your life too.


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  1. Hola Nancy and Chuck and feliz amistad to you two! Great idea on hosting a pot luck at your casa to protect the innocent. We so very much wish we were there. We're going a little 'bonkers' waiting for spring to arrive. But...good things come to those who wait. See you soon!

    Clarke and Brenda


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