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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our New Art and a New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a very special day. We started the day off by visiting our friends, Jerry and Rhonda. It was the first opportunity we have had to go inside the new high rise condo (the Palermo). They have a very lovely condo with views of the city to die for.

After we finished our visit, Chuck went to the bank and I came home and tinkered. (mainly played on the internet...)

This afternoon, our very talented artist friends, Larry and Liza brought by a beautiful piece of mosaic art. We had seen it in their studio and really liked it. We asked them if they would mind bringing it over so we could see how it looked in our house.

Here is a picture of Chuck, me, Liza and Larry holding the mosaic piece....Madonna and Child. We placed the picture in several rooms of our condo and everywhere we put it, it looked great. Right now she is living in our bedroom. Liza's website will give you an idea of her extraordinary talent. You can visit it by clicking here.

The glass mosaic is just incredible. It is done with tiny pieces of colored cut glass. We are so proud of this piece of art.

Chuck and I were thinking to go out to dinner tonight because we wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of our Ecuadorian residency. We invited Larry and Liza, but Larry reminded us that water balloons are flying from every direction and maybe we should not risk going out and getting splattered.

We decided to stay home and order pizza in. We called our friends and neighbors, Rich and Nancy to join us and we gathered around the table with the pizza and wine and had a great time.

I told Rich that I wanted a picture of Chuck and I since it was our one year anniversary. Chuck said wait just a minute and went to get our U.S. and Ecuadorian flags.

Here we are toasting our anniversary.

We are so happy that Ecuador will have us.



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