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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last Day in Vilcabamba

Dear Family and Friends,

Tomorrow we will leave right after breakfast for our long bus ride back to Cuenca.

I spent yesterday recouping from a digestive incident. It seems that no matter where we go, I end up giving up at least one day to illness. But, I am always willing to take my chances because I love discovering new places.

Today is overcast and raining. The rain is as welcomed here in Vilcabamba as it is in Cuenca. Because of the rain, we did not walk to town today....we took a taxi.

Today is our last day to spend on our best coffee in Vilcabamba research project and unfortunately we have not tried all available places. So we will be leaving tomorrow with inconclusive evidence and will return in March to continue our research.

Monday, I will post pictures of this beautiful place and share in more detail about our adventures here.

Have a great weekend.


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