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Monday, February 8, 2010

Back in Cuenca...Photos of Vilcabamba - 1

Dear Family and Friends,

We returned yesterday from our retreat to Vilcabamba. We had a very tranquil and fun vacation. The main reason we enjoyed it so much was because we were fortunate to be staying at Izhcayluma Hosteria.

We have so many pictures and so much to share that we are posting 3 or 4 posts just on our trip. This first posting is all about the hosteria Izhcayluma.

Chuck and I rented a matrimonial cabin. This is a separate cabin that has a bedroom, bath and porch. The cabins are modestly furnished but the mattress is good and there is plenty of hot water in the shower that heats up quickly.

This is the view of our porch from inside our cabin.

We enjoyed the view and spent a fair amount of time on the porch reading, sleeping and of course Chuck enjoyed his cigars out there.

The most spectacular thing to me about this place is the eating area. It is out of doors under a roof that is covered with greenery. This greenery hangs over the roof and enhances the already spectacular view of the valley.

Breakfast is included with the room, but they serve dinner also. The menu includes seafood, steak, along with German and Italian dishes. The food is very good and we ate all our dinners there.

Wi-fi is available in the restaurant area. Sometimes it works fairly well, other times it hardly works at all. Here is Chuck checking our email while waiting for breakfast.

We only had dinner by ourselves once while there. We invited Carol, Jim and their children up to see Izhcayluma and have dinner with us. They are new to Cuenca and were exploring Vilcabamba the same time we were there. Here we are in Izhcayluma restaurant.

We met another couple who were from Canada but are wintering in Cuenca. They were in Vilcabamba also. They joined us for dinner one night.

The views of the valley were a little different each day depending on the clouds and sun.

We could have spent the whole time at the resort and never went to town, but we didn't.

Swimming pool

Bar and billiard area. They also had a big television and DVD player with movies that one could watch. All of this is in a covered outdoor area. They have a small lending library and you can also get a massage.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped.

This is the town of Vilcabamba. A nice walk, downhill. We always took a taxi back up.

And again, the views are breathtaking.

We have already booked two cabins for March. Our friend, Brad will be visiting us from the U.S. and we will take him there for a couple of days.

We both agree that this is a great "get away" place and we will return on a regular basis.

Tomorrow, I will share more about Vilcabamba.

Have a great Monday!


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