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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Karen and Randy Arrive in Cuenca Today

Dear Family and Friends,

I was sick last week, Chuck was sick the week before. I think we now have the "nasty head colds" behind us and we can now get on with our lives.

Even though we were under the weather, our walking routine has continued. I can tell that I am starting to gain a little more stamina. Little by little.

Karen and Randy

Chuck and I moved to Cuenca from Richland, Washington. Before we moved here we came to Cuenca on a tourist visa and rented an apartment for seven months. While we were renting we had many visitors from the U.S. and other countries. Karen and Randy Kimbler, who were our friends in Richland, were among our guests.

Karen and Randy when they visited us in Cuenca over two years ago

After that visit, they told us they were committed to making the move to Cuenca as soon as possible. They are considerably younger than us, but by golly they have made it happen. They sold their house, took early retirement and will be arriving in Cuenca this evening. You can read their blog to follow their relocation adventure.

Today, Chuck and I are taking Brenda and Clarke on a day trip in Puff-Puff to Paute. We will look for plants, eat at the Corvel restaurant, and cruise the market.

When we return this afternoon we should be hearing from Karen and Randy. If they are up to it, we will meet them at their hotel and have dinner with them.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Yes there is a fourth of July in Cuenca, it just doesn't happen to be a holiday. We have invited several friends over for a little celebration of sorts. But first we will start the day off with our weekly walk to town.

Hope your weekend is fantastic.

Nancy (and Chuck)


  1. Nancy, I'm glad you're feeling better (both you and Chuck!). We have been here a month and still haven't met YOU ALL (let's arrange a date). We finally met Rich and Nancy at Tiestos last night (our one-month anniversary in Cuenca!). Language school is taking up a lot of our time, but we always make time for friends. Enjoy the weekend! Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Connie, We look forward to meeting you also. Real soon we hope.


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