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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Do It

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh my goodness! Where does time go? I must have forgotten to wind the clock.

Since I returned from the trip with Kylie, I have just been nesting in. It is so nice to be back home. Restocking the groceries...going to the market.....catching up with our Cuenca friends.

Besides nesting in, I have made a couple of commitments to myself.

I am putting myself out on a ledge here, a little vulnerability, but I will share my commitments with you. Walking regularly. To most of you this may seem like an easy, simple commitment, but I tend to start big and then lose steam over time.

When I returned from the U.S., I felt that this was a good time to turn over a new health leaf. I mentioned to Chuck that I was going to start walking four days a week. He said GREAT, and I will walk with you. (I love this man!)

Chuck and I are now walking to town every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So far, so good.

Also, I have signed up for Spanish lessons. I will be going to class, along with a friend, twice a week. I really do want to learn to speak and understand Spanish and Ecuadorian customs, and quite frankly, I am not able to do it by osmosis.

There are so many English speaking people arriving here to live, I am afraid that if I do not learn Spanish now, it will be too easy for me to limit my contacts to only English speakers.

So that's about it......physical and mental exercising.

Oh, one other thing. For my southern family and friends,....when I was at the market the other day I found turnip greens. They are in season here know we are starting winter down here. I bought a mess of turnips. (yes, mess is a measurement down south).

I cooked them and made cornbread. We shared them with friends and it was so heavenly.

Life is good.

Nancy (and Chuck)


  1. Mom, good for you for making a health commitment to yourself. I'm proud of you and love you lots! --Kylie

  2. Thank you so much for your blog. I not only enjoy following your activities in Ecuador, but I love the feature in the box on the right that helps me keep up with other blogs of expats in Ecuador.

    My wife and I are considering retiring to Cuenca in about 5 years and are planning to go their for a month next summer to start the checking out process. Your blog and these other blogs really feel like we are getting to know the place before we even get there.

    Thanks again.

  3. I found your blog by chance and enjoyed reading it.

    Last year we went to Vegas and I feel in love with Freemont St. Loves the atmosphere, loved every thing there.

    Did not spend a single penny in gambling. What a horrible Vegas tourist I am.

    Regards from a Brazilian living in Bahrain

  4. Inaie,

    I visited your blog. I have to admit that I had to go to a map to find Bahrain. It looks so modern and wealthy. I can't believe you went to Las Vegas and did not gamble. What control you have!

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I'm a bit behind with blog reading, so I just saw the bowl of greens accompanied by Texas Pete. Is that something you brought from the States, or did you find it in Cuenca? Small wonders do happen.

    Regards and see you soon,

  6. Kathy,

    I brought two bottles back from the states recently. I have not seen it here in Cuenca. It sure goes good with the greens.

    See you soon.



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