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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back Home in Cuenca

 Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday, the first thing we did after leaving Manta, was to get Puff Puff cleaned up.  We almost forgot what color she was.  She got a great bath, including underneath, tires, hubcaps and inside detailing all for $7.

We had never driven from Manta to Guayaquil before.  We went through one town that was almost surreal.  The town could have been a city in Thailand.  Check out these vehicles used as a taxi.

We spent last night in Guayaquil.  We got into Guayaquil about 3:00pm and spent a good hour and a half trying to find the Marriott Courtyard.  It really is not that difficult if you already know where it is.  Now we do.  We had a great room, the price was right and our breakfast buffet was included.  The Marriott is located within easy walking distance of the San Marino Mall.

We got up this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, packed up Puff Puff and headed out for home.  We decided to take the long route to Cuenca.  This route does not go through the Cajas, but goes through tons of little Andean villages.  It took longer, but we had an early start and I had never been that way before.

We stopped at just the right moment to see a man shooing his cattle across the highway.  It was cool watching all the traffic come to a halt and letting the cows have the right of way. 

We made it home to Cuenca without difficulty.  We still have suitcases to unpack, but I put out our purchases from the Fair Trade artisan store where we shopped at with Rox.  I told you I would show you what we got and here it is....

Despite the fact that we did not have sun and did not get to see the whales we had a grand adventure.  Lucky for us, we live here in Ecuador and we can do it again.

Now it is time to unpack those suitcases.



  1. What a wonderful trip. We were with you ( in thought ) almost every step of the way. My father appreciated the virtual ride too.
    Now we "almost" feel like we've done the trip too.!
    We will certainly be putting that Resort/Spa, as well as a few other of your stops, on our "bucket list".
    Thank YOU

  2. Juergen,

    Hopefully, when you do the trip there will be sunshine and whales.
    Tell your dad hello from us.

  3. Beautiful purchases. Does the fish have another purpose besides looking stunning>

    Did you explain the story of naming your auto Puff Puff in earlier posts on your blog? I tried searching put could not find under "puff".

  4. Len,
    Your guess is correct. The fish is just for sitting around looking fishy.
    Regarding Puff-Puff's name. The brand name of our Korean car means twin dragons, hence Puff-Puff. To get the long version you might try searching under Puff-Puff.

  5. Glad you are back. Trying not to be jealous of the trip.

  6. Hello Amigos
    Enjoy the Ecuador.
    Living in Cuenca, excellent.
    Greetings from Guayaquil.
    Buenos días nos dé Dios.

    Conspicuo y Perspicuo

  7. Conspicuo y Perspicuo, Muchas Gracias.

  8. Buen Dia... the weather in Seattle has turned grey, windy and very fall-like. We are looking forward to our departure for Colombia on the 13th, but I hate missing the turning of the leaves here. I love your photos of your adventures!

  9. Sandy, Have a great time in Colombia. If you have a chance to see Ecuador do. If not, come to Ecuador on your next trip.


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