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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

German Dinner and a Full Moon Rising

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I had dinner last night with Christa and David.  Christa is one of the our oldest friends in Cuenca.  We have known her since first coming to Cuenca back in 2007.  David is our dear neighbor with a generous heart.  They are both very dear to us.

I had not been to Christa's apartment since she redecorated it.  She has done a beautiful job. Here she is, Lady Christa, in her new living room.

Christa, who was born and raised in Germany, prepared us a German dinner.  It was delicious.  She is a great cook and her meal did not disappoint us. 

Here is Christa, David and Chuck after dinner having digestives.

Before dinner, we looked out of the terrace window and saw a most beautiful full moon rising over the mountains.  I made this photo from Christa's terrace.

It was a great evening with wonderful friends.

Happy day to you.


  1. You photos are so good I have this uncontrollable urge for Asparagus.

    Loved the moon over Cuenca.

    What camera are you using?

  2. Len, I used a Nikon Coolpix L110. Not that expensive, I bought it at Walmart.

  3. Nancy I'm a big subscriber that a great picture is 80% photo skills and 20% equipment. I'm going to revise that to 90% for you.

  4. Len, I must confess, it was 90% having the terrace ledge to sit my camera on for stability.

  5. Beautiful photographs. Thank you!


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