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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chuck's New Pastime

Dear Family and Friends,

Usually, each day after lunch is quiet time at our house.  I either spend time on the computer or take a nap.  Chuck usually goes out on the patio and smokes a cigar.

Yesterday I looked out on the patio to tell Chuck something and was a little surprised to see his new indulgence.

He packed pipes, tobacco and other paraphernalia back to Cuenca from his trip to the U.S.

Actually, this smells better than the cigars!

It is all about enjoying life!


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  1. Thank you Nancy and Chuck for the cover of El Tiempo...when I'm feeling homesick for Jenny and Chris I read the various Cuenca blogs and that way keep up with their comings and goings. It's nice to know they have such wonderful friends...

    Jenny's Mum in Australia


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