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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Real Meat Market

Dear Family and Friends,

My classmate, Barbara, told me about a trip she made to Feria Libre market to buy meat.  She said the lomo fino was very nice.  She cut it up into steaks and it was tasty and tender.

Monday Chuck and I ran into Howard, Barbara's husband, at the Kookaburra cafe.  I asked if he would be willing to show us where he and Barbara buy their meat at the market. 

He said "Sure, I'll be glad to. We need to leave for the market at 6:30am on Wednesday morning."


It is necessary to leave early because all the best pieces of meat are sold out early.

So this morning at 6:30am we met Howard and Barbara in front of our apartment and walked to the market.

 Here is where we bought our meat.

And.... here is the meat we bought.

They cut the meat different here than in the U.S.  So I really can't say what we bought.  I cut the meat on the left into steaks and froze them.  The meat (roast) on the right will be cooked tomorrow.

I'll let you know how it came out after we have eaten it.

FYI - The reason I wanted to try the meat from the market is because it is grass fed beef and contains no hormones.  If this meat turns out to be tender and tasty I will always buy our meat at the market instead of at the SuperMaxi.

P.S.  I bought some more turnip greens too.



  1. I think you'll find that the meat from the market is WAY better than the meat you find at Supermaxi (if that's where you're shopping). You can also get better deals. Well, buen provecho and I hope your beef turned out well!

  2. I will post the beef results on this blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. We used to raise our own beef, no hormones added. It will taste different but it's all what you are used to. I found that the longer it was in the freezer the stronger the taste. Love your blog, keep up the good work!

  4. Notes to self when I move to Cuenca:

    1. find out where they say lomo fino
    2. get wife up early to buy it.


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