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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's the 10th of August

Dear Family and Friends,

Today is Independence Day in Ecuador.  Today, August 10, 1809 Ecuador became an independent country.

It is quite common for streets, buildings and markets in Cuenca to be named after a special day.  For example the name of the street we live on is 3 de noviembre (3rd of November).  This is the day that the city of Cuenca gained it's independence.

One of the markets located in el centro (downtown) is named 10 de Augusto (10th of August).  So it was not surprising when we read in the local paper that there would be celebrations at the market today.

Chuck and I went to the market to see what was happening.

Here is a picture of the market from across the street.


We went inside and the first thing we saw was a pig being roasted just inside the door.  This, of course, was being done for the celebration.  They do sell roasted pig at the market but they don't normally cook them there.

By the way, this is the market that Brian (of Brian and Shelly) buys his roast pork each Sunday.

 There was a lot of food available for the occasion.  The food was typical food of Ecuador.

There was a big sign announcing that the market was 56 years old today.  It is a nice two story market with escalators going up to the second floor.  The main market is on the first floor with some vendors on the upper level, but the second floor is mainly for prepared food.  There are tables and benches and lots of places to buy a meal to enjoy.

I made my way upstairs to get a better view of the market below.  I could tell where the entertainment was going to be held so I bought some coconut juice and secured my spot at a table with a great view below.

 After about 15 minutes, the entertainment began.  Young people dressed in colorful costumes did folklore dancing.  They were a delight to watch.

There was a lot of twirling, over and under moves and circling.  A lot of fun to watch.

 The kids were having a great time dancing and the audience was having a great time watching. 

I had to leave earlier than I would have liked because I had to get back home to finish my Spanish homework before class this afternoon.

I have to get to my homework now.  I just wanted to share our fun morning with you.



  1. Actually Megan it is good. The only problem for me is that it is high in carbs.


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