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Monday, August 9, 2010

Meat Report

Dear Family and Friends,

Last week Chuck and I bought some meat at the Feria Libre market.  The meat that I cut into steaks I froze and we have not tried it yet.  The roast (Chuck referred to it as a standing rib roast), I cooked last Friday.  Although it was not melt in your mouth tender, it was not tough.  We had a nice dinner off it.  With what was left Chuck made a wonderful beef vegetable soup.  The most important thing is that we did not get sick from eating it.

Our friends, Barbara and Howard, who took us to the market, reported that their meat that they cut into steaks was not very tender.

I am not daunted, I will go back to the market on another Wednesday morning and try again.  I know you can get good tender meat there.  I have heard too many people comment about the quality.  I think next time we will leave at 6:00am and shop around more before settling on our meat.

Sorry I don't have a picture of the roast.  By the time I thought of my camera the roast was already soup.

At the moment we are planning a trip to the coast.  I'll share when and exactly where after we get the details ironed out.



  1. Hi, I loved your meat story. My experience in a variety of countries makes me think that

    1) You did not get sick from the meat was because it was probably very fresh.

    @) The meat was not very tender because it was very fresh.

    In the US and W. Europe animal carcasses are hung for weeks in a cool environment to "age," (and you can imagine what actually happens during that process). In many countries this is not always possible, so the animal gets slaughtered and sold.

    If you would mention "hanging" meat for weeks, people would be appalled: You'll die!

    I hope to check out the market in a few weeks! Coming to Cuenca in September to check it out.

  2. Miss Footloose,

    Thanks for the information. It was very fresh meat.

    I have had several people tell me that the lomo fino is very tender, unfortunately the meat we bought was not lomo fino.

    When in September will you be in Cuenca?


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