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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still waiting for the Sunshine

Dear Family and Friends,

As you can see from our pictures we are still under a heavy cloud cover.  The Pollyanna take on this is that we do not have sunburn, we do not have flies or mosquitoes, the temperature is nice and cool, we are not sharing the beaches with crowds of people and the seafood is just as delicious as if the sun were shining.

The first few pictures are ones that I took in Salinas before we headed out.  This first one is of a man that I noticed feeding the pigeons.  In my mind, I decided that this was something he does every day.  He was feeding and talking to them.  It just seemed to me that he probably had them all named.  I felt such a warm feeling in my heart as I watched him interacting with the birds.

Chuck and I decided that we could not leave Salinas without at least getting our feet wet.  Here is Chuck doing his duty.  Salinas is located on a protected bay so the waves are not very big.  This is why there are so many boats anchored out.

Here is a mom and dad playing with their little one. 

About mid morning we headed to the other side of the peninsula to a place called the Ocean Hideaway.  It is located right on the Pacific ocean.  The waves were much bigger.  Here is a view from the porch looking over the pool to the ocean.

This place is very remote.  It is isolated from any type of infrastructure.  We have taken all meals here.....there is no place else to go.  The scenery is beautiful.  The ocean seems very wild here because it is just us and the ocean.

Yesterday afternoon, I could swear that  I saw a spot of sun on the ocean.  I took a quick picture and then it was gone. 

We have had a quiet and peaceful time here but it is time to move on.  We are going to explore the coast north of here today.  This afternoon we will join the famous Bob and Rox for cocktails at their house on the beach and then we will go to the Casa Blanca restaurant in Montanita for dinner. 

Hope your day if filled with sunshine.



  1. Yes Nancy, we got your sunshine today... not a cloud in the sky! I had on short sleeves and a hat! I didnt trust the weather so I brought Chucks loaner sweater with me! Hurry home we are lonesome!

  2. Nancy, Kudos on all your great photos. The one of Chuck in the ocean and the background is a prize winner.

  3. Karen and Lenny,

    Sunshine would help me in more than one way. It would warm our bones and it would help with the photos.
    I have high hopes for today.

  4. I'm enjoying your trip with you ;) and to get to know a little more about Ecuador through your eyes.

    We will be in Cuenca in September and it will be our first time. We are looking forward to it.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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