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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nancy and Joe Levin - Expats in Salinas

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are in Salinas still waiting to see the sun.

Yesterday we got in touch with Nancy and Joe Levin. They live here in Salinas in a great condo overlooking the beach. They took us to a great place for lunch and then invited us up to see where they live. WOW! What a view they have from their 10th floor condo.

Exploring Ecuador is so much fun. We hope to see Nancy and Joe in Cuenca soon.

Here we are enjoying their very large terrace that overlooks "everything." Nancy blogs about their day to day life in Salinas. You can follow their adventures here:

The first night we arrived in Salinas we went to dinner at the Amazon restaurant. Our dinner was fantastic so we decided to have dinner there again last night. This time we ordered the grilled seafood dinner. All the seafood was cooked over coals and it was fabulous.

Here is Chuck patiently waiting for me to take pictures before we dig in.

The platter had langostinos, muscles, clams, shrimp, calamari, and grilled marlin. It was fantastic!

Today we will mosey on up the coast a few miles.

I will be sharing more coffee is ready now.



  1. Oh yum. I do love seafood! Eat a bunch for me!

  2. Karen,

    I have eaten enough seafood for you, me and about 6 other people!

  3. On the subject of views, one of my friends in Salinas has the 8th floor penthouse apartment right in the middle of the Malecon, and he has a live webcam mounted on his roof check out the view

    1. Nelly, Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed getting a sneak of the beach. Now I can enjoy the view even from here in the mountains.

  4. Hi, what a nice trip in Salinas, love the plate :)

    Here you can find nice video from Salinas:

    Or photos of mine:


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