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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Visiting with Ronnie and Andre

Dear Family and Friends,

Our friends, Ronnie and Andre, bought a home in Yunguilla. They bought it over a year ago and spent about a year remodeling it.  They have done a wonderful job of making this home a fabulous place to live.  The views from their house are incredible. On Saturday, Rich and Nancy, Chuck and myself went to visit them and see their new home. 

Here are a few pictures of their house.

After visiting their home, we all went to the Bambu restaurant in La Union for lunch.  Here is a picture of Ronnie and Andre.

Chuck and I are leaving for the United States in a couple of days.  We are going back to visit family, friends and hug grand babies. I plan to keep posting to the blog as we travel around the U.S.  We will return to Cuenca at the end of October. 

Nancy (and Chuck)

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  1. Beautiful home. Your kitchen shot belongs in "Good Housekeeping".


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