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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Minnesota Grandkids

Dear Family and Friends,
Chuck and I arrived in St Cloud, MN yesterday. We have truly enjoyed driving this beautiful country.  The leaves are so colorful this time of year.  This is something we don't get to enjoy in Ecuador.

Here is a cute family we saw crossing the road.

 The best part of our travels by far is visiting with our kids and grand kids.

We went to their house last night for dinner.  They live out in the country and have a lovely home on five acres.  They need every inch because Merri and Ken have 9 children.  They range in age from 2 to 16 years old.  They also have baby number 10 on the way next month. 

We checked into a hotel in St. Cloud that has 5 indoor swimming pools.  Today we spent the day with them swimming, singing, dancing and having a wonderful time.

Here are a few pictures of our treasures....

Here is Poppi (Chuck) trying to out do the girls as a fashion model.

 Chuck is in his element, playing with our youngest grandchild, Raven Lee.

Here is Portia, our oldest grandchild.

Here is the Mickelson clan in the hot tub.

Tomorrow we head south towards Texas where we will visit with my brother, Norm and his wife, Nancy and my Mom. We are planning to slow our traveling down some and take the back roads this part of the trip.

We still have another grandchild to hug on later in the trip.

Life is so sweet.

With love,
Nancy and Chuck (aka Mimi and Poppi)


  1. Oh you guys look like you are having so much fun. Those kids are adorable. I bet Portia is hoping for a return trip to Cuenca. Every day we miss you more!

  2. Uff da - It's hard to tell who is more photogenic. But, my vote has to go to the 3 darling grand kids.


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