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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Change of Pace in Salinas

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are still in Salinas, Ecuador at the beach and I am still having trouble with my computer and the internet. I am running my little computer on battery power and have to hurry before the power runs out. I forgot my power cord. I will share more pictures of this trip after I get back to Cuenca.

The four of us spent a great evening with Nancy & Joe Levin. They live here in Salinas in a wonderful condo overlooking the beach. Here we are on their "to die for" balcony. Nancy put together some great snackies....delicious!!

Nancy is a fun loving soul. As you can see below, she and Charlie are holding the elevator door closed on Bruce, Joe and Chuck.

Our dinner was delicious and we had a fun evening with them. Lots of great teasing and fun! Thanks Nancy and Joe.

Also, while Charlie and Bruce were here we took a tram tour to the western most part of Ecuador that is connected to the land. (does not count the Galapagos)

The area is called La Chocolatera. When looking at the stops on the tram itinerary, I thought we were going to stop at a chocolate factory. This is where the ocean and the bay come together. When the tide is up, there are some pretty spectacular wave crashes into the rocks.

All to quickly, Saturday rolled around, and it was time to take Charlie and Bruce to the airport in Guayaquil. This time the trip went smooth. Chuck did a great job going directly to the airport.

We reluctantly said our goodbyes to Charlie and Bruce.

Chuck and I went and enjoyed some coffee while the plane carrying Charlie and Bruce took them to Cuenca. Karen and Randy boarded the same plane and arrived about an hour after Charlie and Bruce took off.

We are now enjoying our second week here with Karen and Randy.

I will share more pictures after we return to Cuenca on Sunday.


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