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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Salinas Ecuador Pictures

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry for the delay in posting more about our trip to Salinas. We returned to Cuenca on Sunday and it was my intention post first thing on Monday morning. When we got home late Sunday afternoon, we discovered that we had no internet at home. It never goes down for long so I knew that on Monday morning it would be ready for me to post.

Bottom line, we learned only today that the problem was not our internet provider but the problem is our router. We are now at the California Kitchen restaurant having lunch and catching up on email, blogs, and posting to our blog. We are extremely fortunate because the wi-fi here at the California Kitchen is the fastest wi-fi in town.

Now to finish up on our trip....

After picking Randy and Karen up at the Guayaquil airport, we headed back to Salinas. The drive from Guayaquil to Salinas is about 2 hours. We arrived in Salinas just before sun down. We strolled down the beach for dinner and then realized how tired we were so we headed to bed pretty early.

During the time Randy and Karen were with us we ate at every seafood restaurant we could find. There are still lots to explore, but one of our favorites for lunch was recommended to us by Nancy and Joe Levin. It is called D'Hugos.

Below is Randy's grilled lobster lunch - $10.00

Here is my fried calamari lunch for....$5.00

One of the reasons Chuck and I went to Salinas was to have a look see at the real estate market there. We were shown around by Sabastian, who works for Coldwell Banker in Salinas. Besides real estate Sabastian took us to the Salinas Yacht Club.

Here are some pictures...

Boats docked with Salinas in the background.

Here are Chuck and Sabastian by a mermaid statue.

Here is Karen viewing the scene below from a condo that we looked at.

Here is a view down the beach of Salinas by day....

And a similar view at night....

Here is a street level view of the malacon (boardwalk).

We spent another wonderful evening with Nancy & Joe. Here is Randy being a perfect host in our rented condo before we went out for dinner.

This last picture is one I made of three colorful fishing boats. I am including it "just because."

We had a wonderful relaxing two weeks at the beach. I return trip is definitely in our future. We enjoyed sharing Salinas with Bruce, Charlie, Randy and Karen.

Now that we have our internet problem solved, you will be hearing from us on a more frequent basis.

Nancy and Chuck

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