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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Dear Family and Friends,

For all my Georgia family and friends who may think that because we live in Ecuador that we have to do without....take a look at this.

This is what we ate on New Years day.

It is a tradition, especially in the southern states in the U.S., to eat black eyed peas on New Years day to insure "good luck" throughout the new year.

I have shared about some of the Ecuadorian traditions for New Year in a past blog.

We shared our southern U.S. New Year tradition with some of our Ecuadorian friends. Here they are in the aftermath of the feast. Yes, we even had iced tea....but some opted for wine instead.

We had a fun time sharing.....

Happy New Year!!!

Nancy and Chuck


  1. From one Georgia expat to another, where did you find those blackeyed peas? We looked everywhere for them. Had to settle for a 15 bean soup, but still enjoyed the usual ham, cabbage, and cornbread!

  2. Edd, You can get dried blackeyed peas at most any market. (look where they sell ground corn, rice, and other dried products.) I found these fresh blackeyed peas in Santa Rosa, near Machala. You cannot get fresh ones here in Cuenca that I know of, but I buy dried ones all the time.

  3. My mom has been dead for 16 years and she always made us eat some black eyed peas on New Year's Day whether we wanted them or not. Thanks for helping me be reminded of my mom. Happy New Year!! Sue Woods


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