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Monday, January 17, 2011

Off to Dallas and Company is Coming

Dear Family and Friends,

My brother, Norman, is doing great. I am leaving tomorrow to spend a week with him and my mother. I will share more about his health after I arrive in Dallas.

This evening, Chuck's sister, Carol and her husband, Frank, are arriving for a couple of weeks. This will be their first trip to Cuenca and we are so anxious to share the city with them. They
are coming with a couple of friends, so Chuck and I have vacated our condo and moved into the new one in El Molle so they can have plenty of room here.

I will add a post about Carol's and Frank's arrival before I head out of town. Chuck will be their tour guide, since I will be out of town for a week, but this is his regular role anyway. He has many things planned to do with them. I will return to see them again before they head back to the U.S.

In the meantime, I will share some more pictures about our new condo.

Here is Chuck enjoying the new awning we put up on the terrace.

We got internet last week. Here are some pictures of the installation.

Ecuador safety harness....

I went to another window to see what this guy is doing....

Our new antenna.....the internet works great.

Just this morning, our new dining room table and chairs arrived.

Also, this morning we had all the windows measured for window treatments. I will decide on fabric after I return to Cuenca.

Here are some views from our terrace....fantastic!!!

We have had water and gas run to the terrace so that we can have an irrigation system for Chuck's plants and a BBQ grill.

I will post more pictures of our new condo after I return from Dallas.



  1. Nancy, the dining room set makes it look so homey! What dishes do you have there?

  2. Audrey, We are thinking about making a trip to Loja for dishes. I'm having so much fun decorating this place.

  3. The view is wonderful! We are so looking forward to our first visit next year! debbie

  4. Nancy, my congratulation. Indeed you got a great lovely place with awesome views!
    I have been in Cuenca few months ago for the assessment of this nice city for retirement. However I have not seen apartment like this with price tag that can be even close to “investment grade”. I have been reading your blog since started to think about moving to Ecuador and know your act very reasonable. Could you please give me some idea how big this apartment is and for how much similar one could be bought if a buyer would had a plenty of time to search/wait for it?
    Best regards and I wish your brother recovers well,

  5. Al, I can only give you appox. dollar amounts. A fairly new modern condo can range from $80K to over $200K. It depends on the size and the location.

    We have found that condo prices are creeping up. I do not know what your idea is of an "investment grade" price. For us, it was the market value.

    We figure that investing in a condo that is in a very good location, has a large terrace with beautiful views is a good investment. After all, not all condos have terraces and those that do seem to sell quickly and easily. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  6. Nancy, great shots! I particularly like the Ecuador safety harness! Beautiful views!! I hope that we can be in the right place at the right time when we are ready to move in. Have a safe trip!! Sue Woods

  7. Nancy, I know what the REAL motive is in going back to Loja - it's for Chuck to get some more BIG pots!


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