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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank You God for Sparing my Brother

(Norman, Nan and Mom when they were visiting us here in Cuenca)

Dear Family and Friends,

The last few days have been very tense for us. I was planning a trip this week to visit my Mom who lives in Dallas, TX with my brother. I received an email from my brother, Norman, last Friday. He told me that he had just returned from having cardiac tests done and that three of his arteries were 100% blocked and the fourth one was 75% blocked. Immediate by-pass surgery was scheduled for Monday morning.

Needless to say a lot of prayers were sent up. It was a long weekend for us. Yesterday he had by-pass surgery at Baylor University Hospital. Nan (my sister-in-law) called late yesterday afternoon to tell me that the surgery was over and the surgeons were able to give him four new arteries.

I have rescheduled my trip to Dallas until next week. I can help him and Nan out when he first comes home from the hospital.

My heart is singing.

Love you Norman and Nan. See you next week.



  1. So happy it all went well. Take care of yourself too Nancy!

  2. Thank you Nancy for your prayers. Norm wants me to say that he is doing well (just ate lunch) and is looking forward to your visit next week.

  3. So thankful that all went well with your brother. Traveling mercies to you! Love, Connie and Mark

  4. Nancy, we hope for Norman's speedy recovery. Mary & Steve


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