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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saraguro Adventure - Part IV

Dear Family and Friends,

After visiting the pottery factory, we rode into the town of Saraguro.  First we walked through the market.  Sunday is the biggest market we were there on the perfect day.  Chuck had read this and that is why we did the tour on a Sunday.

Being a "city girl" I guess I had never thought about it.....but take a look, chickens DO have ears.

Here is Jeanne looking at some pots.  The dish she is holding is called a tiesto.  It is the same dish that the restaurant, Tiestos, in Cuenca uses to cook their wonderful entrees.

This is a table that was set up to sell natural remedies.  The container with the red liquid (dragon's blood) is a product of the rolled up tree bark under the man's arm.  The other containers have snakes inside some sort of liquid.

I think this lady has the same philosophy as I do regarding drinking the snake water.

Evidence that the game of "Guess Who" is universal....

At the main square we looked at the bead work that was for sell.

My favorite....

A couple of ladies shopping.  These beaded necklaces are worn over their blouses making a beautiful collar.

Inside one of the little shops, a lady demonstrates how she spins thread from wool.

The collar on her blouse is made of beads.

Another good reason to go to Saraguro on Sunday is because the people are wearing their finest clothes to go to church.

We were standing across the street from the church when it let out.  I will share pictures with you next time.



  1. Oh my, I feel under dressed just looking at the beaded necklace collars! I can't imagine your next blog!

  2. Ooh-la-la! I need some beads! Great post -- love the pics!

  3. Nancy, I am sure you remember that Saraguro is the town where our lady is from who "divided" the long rug for us into two smaller ones. She made the thread just like this lady (they undoubtedly know one another).

  4. Audrey, I am glad you mentioned that. I had forgotten about that but now I remember, she was from Saraguro. When you come back we definitely have to take a Sunday trip down there. It is worth it just to watch the folks come out of the church.


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