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Friday, March 4, 2011

Saraguro Adventure - Part V

Dear Family and Friends,

On our tour of Saraguro, we were standing across the street from the church when the service ended.  I took the following pictures.  Such beautiful people.


After the church was empty, we went to see the inside.

Here are some ladies that agreed to pose for us.  They do not have on their black shawls so you can see their colorful blouses and beads.  We were told the white hats are only worn on Saturday and Sunday. During the week they wear black hats.

We ended our tour with dinner.  Here are Bea and Chuck enjoying their cuy.  I was the only one that opted out, I chose to have chicken. 

We got home late, but we had a wonderful tour.  The cost was $65 per person, including transportation and meals.  We found the advertisement for this tour at the California Kitchen restaurant.  This is a picture of the ad.

Now we getting ready for carnival.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip.. we will have to follow in your footsteps! Maybe when Kelsey comes to visit!


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