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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sugar Time!!

Dear Family and Friends,

It is that time of year again.  Corpus Christi....somehow tied into the celebration of the solstice.  This time, every year, tons of candy is made in small kitchens all around Cuenca.  For one week these goodies are sold right in the center of town.

Until this year I have been pretty much able to resist, but today I succumbed.  Have a look.

Candy booths set up everywhere.....

I couldn't help myself.  Take a look at some of these goodies....

We made a video about Corpus Christi a couple of years ago.  If you want to get a feel for the celebration you can watch it by clicking here.

If you remember, I said in my last post that Chuck and I were going to Banos this past week.  Well, that plan got postponed. In my last post I also showed pictures of our condo we are getting ready to rent.  The day after the post went up we had emails from folks wanting to rent it.  So we canceled our trip to Banos and worked real hard on getting a website up.  We can manage reservations through this site.

The link is:     Have a look at it....we worked hard on it.

We are getting geared up for the 4th of July.  We are celebrating with our dear friends at the California Kitchen.  It is going to be so much fun.  Carol, George, Jim and Susie, owners of the California Kitchen are putting together a wonderful meal to help celebrate this holiday.

Chuck and I are scrambling around getting ready for our first renters who arrive on Wednesday. 

Have a great weekend.

Nancy (and Chuck)


  1. The place looks fabuloso! Great job on the website and photos. Love the furnishings...

    Gotta go eat some more dulches. Next week we diet!



  2. Thanks Brennie,

    Don't get sick from eating too much sugar.


  3. Chuck and Nancy,

    As always you do a first class job with your blog. Best personal site yet I've seen in Cuenca for apartment rentals.

    The penthouse is beautiful, and the terrace is to die for. It's enough to make one want to get old and feeble in a hurry just so you can hurry up and live there. You certainly will have no problems keeping this property rented. Congratulations for a job that's more than well done. Jim Mola

  4. That is a very nice website for your condo

  5. Thanks Mike and Johnie.

    It was a BIG learning curve for us.


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