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Sunday, June 19, 2011

We have decided to rent our new condo

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I have decided to rent our new condo.  We can't live in two places at once.  For now, we will continue to live where we always have.  One day we will move to the new condo, but for now we will rent it.

Now comes the fun part.  We have never been landlords before.  We are working on a web site to feature the condo.  Should we rent it long term or short term?  There are so many things we need to decide.

We have it almost ready to rent.  It still needs some furniture, rugs and art work. 

We are going to Banos next week and will stop in the village of Guano. They hand make rugs in this village and we want to see what they have to offer.  We may either buy some rugs or have them commissioned for the new condo. 

We want to put local art on the walls.  We are shopping Cuenca but will look at what is offered in other places in Ecuador.

We spent this morning making pictures of the condo to use on the website.  I noticed how empty the walls and floors are without the finishing touches so I don't know if any of these pictures will ever make it to the website.

I am going to share the pictures with you because you may know of someone coming to Cuenca who is looking for a high end furnished penthouse. We hope to have it ready to rent soon. If we rent it short term, we will be asking $350 per week with a discount for monthly rental.  The condo includes Direct TV, Wi-Fi internet connection, and once a week maid service.

The reason we decided to rent this apartment out, rather than where we live now, is that the location of this condo is perfect for visitors. It is within a 15 minute or less walking distance to el centro, and a grocery store and many fine restaurants are within a block or two.

The entrance to our condo building, El Molle.


The lobby:

Our condo:

This is the Great Room, it has the sitting area, dinning area and a game/breakfast table.

This is the generous size kitchen.

Laundry room next to kitchen.

There are two bedrooms with generous built in closets, each with their on private bath.

Both baths have skylights and walk in showers.
There is a media room that has a sofa, flat screen television and computer table.  Sorry I do not have a picture of this room yet.  We still have furniture to be made for this room.

There is a half bath for guests. Here in Cuenca this is called a social bath.

Last, but not least, is the wonderful terrace that Chuck has worked so hard on.  He has set up an irrigation system to keep all the plants watered.  The view from the terrace is fabulous.

Well, that's about it.  I am not sure how our traveling and being landlords will work out, but we will see.

Happy Father's Day.



  1. What a wonderful photo tour! I have been in there, and I can say it is NICER than the photos show! The kitchen is fabulous.. the oven is electric so no worries with the gas on that! Also the building is in a quiet area, but close to all the action! Who ever rents this will also have the added bonus of meeting first hand the Famous Watsons! Hugs to you both, ya did good on the apt!

  2. Karen, Thanks for the comment. You are so sweet. Can't wait for you and Randy to see it after we get it finished.

  3. Sorry, Karen, the oven is gas.

    Chuck Watson

  4. Rats. I was hoping to camp out there whenever the Brennie finds me annoying.

  5. Hi there, I'm doing some research on Cuenca and planning to stay there late October, following a volunteer stint in Brazil. Your condo looks lovely so I will keep it in mind. Best, LT Murphy

  6. Nice condo you got there! It's spacious and looks comfy. Too bad you couldn't live there for a while. I particularly like the natural lighting in the bedroom, although it would have been better if the view outside consisted of more trees and less houses.

    Lakisha Zimmerer @

    1. Lakisha, After we honor the reservations we have made to future renters, Chuck and I will be living in this condo. No more renting! We are so excited!


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