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Friday, July 22, 2011

FINALLY! The Pottery Showroom is Open!

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I headed out in Puff-Puff for Loja this morning.  We have gone to or through Loja several times over the last couple of years hoping to find the ceramic showroom open.  The ceramic showroom is located at the University Technica Particular.  The students make the ceramics and pottery.  We have bought from them in the past and love their work, but we have had bad luck in buying more.  Each time we go to Loja the showroom has been closed for remodeling.  Well, my friends, it is remodeled and open to the public again.

Here is Chuck entering the new showroom.

They have two products: clay pottery and ceramic dishes.

The clay pottery is called Nakanchik which translates to Ours.

Here is a picture of a small sample of the wide variety of pottery available.

Their ceramics are called YAPACUNCHI which means Give something more.

I had my trusty camera ready but after a few shots the battery died!  But here are some of their patterns.

I love the bright bold colors they use.

They had some beautiful ceramic figurines of women from Saraguro.  They are spinning wool.  Notice the beads at their neck....they are real beads.

We decided on some dishes to go in our short term rental condo.  Since most of our renters will be visitors from the U.S. or Canada, I think they will enjoy the choice we made.  It is quite a cute Ecuadorian sierra pattern.  Three women sitting in the Andes mountains. Take a look.

Fun dishes for our renters to enjoy!

At this moment I have my camera battery recharging.  We plan to stop in Saraguro tomorrow on the way back to Cuenca.  I hope to get a few pictures there to share with you next time.

Happy weekend nos amigos.

Nancy and Chuck


  1. Wow, the pottery is beautiful, I especially like the pots in the second picture! Thanks for posting these pictures. Are their prices comparable to Artesa?

  2. Holly, I can't remember Artesa's prices...but the plates of the pattern I picked were less than $4.00 each. A great bargain for hand painted dishes.

    Are you in Canada or Ecuador these days? Been missing you.

  3. That's a very good price. I think I need to take a little road trip to Loja!
    I just got back from Canada a few days ago. Maybe we could get together for dinner one of these days? I would love catch up with you both!

  4. Hey Nancy - Beautiful pottery and, as usual,
    your photos are great. Thanks for info. Sharon M

  5. Sharon,
    If you and Lenny go to Loja this is a wonderful, fun place. They have a lot of beautiful designs and it is too bad my camera battery pooped out.

  6. Nancy, I love the dishes you picked out. Those weren't there the time we went or I would have been sorely tempted!

    Are you looking for textiles in Saraguro? Remember, that's where our rug lady is from.

  7. Hi Nancy,

    What gorgeous pottery they have in their showroom! I'm so behind ... I've been down staying at the beach and am just now catching up on the blogs.

    I really LOVE the pattern you chose for the condo. The colors are so beautiful, and the design with the 3 Ecuadorian women is perfect!

    What a great choice. Can't wait to see them (and you, too) when we get to Ecuador in September!

    Thank you again for sharing. Love your photos!!

    See you soon.

    ~~Gayle (and Paul) ~~

  8. just discovered you there in Ecuador and have really enjoyed swanning through your blog. The pottery depicted in your latest post is quite beautiful.
    I'll be back!

  9. I was surfing looking for Ecuadorian pottery and your Blog came up with these wonderful photos of dishes. I love the Blue with sunflowers - I love blue. The three women pattern is great, too. I have learned so much from reading the blogs. Great job and and great photos. Thank you. We are moving in June and we can hardly wait to get everything sold and be mobile. Thanks again.
    Twila Pickrell, Lubbock, TX

  10. Twila, You will have so much fun shopping for dishes here.


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