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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beautiful Days in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

We are enjoying showing Mary around Cuenca.  Today we were able to share our short term rental condo with her.  We bought a painting when we were in Loja weekend before last and had it framed.  Today we went over for the hanging.

Here is Chuck, Karen, and Mary on the terrace.  Couldn't ask for a prettier day.

Randy came over and hung the picture.  Take a look!

We took Mary to see Mall del Rio.  Randy told us about a new vendor in the food court.  California Burrito.  We gave it a try and yum!!!!  Hope they stay around.

I took this picture while we were at the mall.  It is a sign that has the price for a taxi from Mall del Rio to wherever.  As you can see prices range from $1.50 to $18.00.  The main reason I want to share this with you is to let you know that taxi prices are increasing.  The cost from Mall del Rio to where we live is $3.00.

I just want to point out the actual prices so that you will not think you are being "Gringo Gouged." 

Arguing over prices is so tacky.  Just find another driver or vendor.  I bet in most cases the second person will prove to you that this is the actual price, not one doubled just because you are a gringo.  Please don't have a "gringo gouge" mentality and display an "us vs. they" attitude.


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  1. "Gringo gouge"... guess you've never encoutered the ice cream vendor at the park :)


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