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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonderful Coast Trip

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck, Mary and I are now in Cuenca.  We had a wonderful time on the coast because of some terrific people.

We spent Friday in Salinas and enjoyed the beach there.  Mary went to D'Hugo's for the lobster, but unfortunate for her, the lobster was out of season.  She settled for langostino in garlic sauce instead.  It looked delicious.  I don't think she was too disappointed.

On Saturday we checked out of our hotel and headed up the beach to Montanita.  We met Leigh and Todd for breakfast.  

They spent the day with us being tour guides.  They showed us up and down the coast.  We had a great time meeting other ex-pats who are now living on the coast.  

Thanks you two we all had a great time.

In the afternoon, we headed to see Bob and Rox.  They had graciously invited us earlier in the week to stay with them at their house.  Chuck and I slept in their newest suite.....I should say sweet because that is what it is.....really sweet.  They thought of everything.  Great view of the ocean from the nice private deck and all the aminities inside.  Good job B&R!

We went down to the ocean and got just a little wet.

We had drinks and watched the sun set.  Yes, Bob was correct in his post.  Four out of five of us saw the green flash as the sun set.  The person posting to this blog at this moment missed it!

Rox made a wonderful dinner which we throughly enjoyed.  

We had a real nice time with these two lovely people.

On Sunday, after coffee and rolls with Bob and Rox, we headed to Cuenca.  It was overcast the whole way and it was foggy the whole way over the Cajas. 

I think it was sometime during this drive that Mary said, "I think I will fly back to Guayaquil to go home."  

Nancy (and Chuck and Mary)

PS:  Mary will be at California Kitchen this Friday (Jan. 27) for lunch and all afternoon.  approx. 1-5pm.  She really wants to meet the bloggers and also wants to meet people who read her posts.  

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  1. We had a great time with you all as well, and looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
    So fun to finally meet Mary!
    Leigh & Todd


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