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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Burgos, Spain - The Cathedral

Dear Family and Friends,

Just this morning at breakfast I told Chuck that I am about "cathedraled out."

We arrived in Burgos yesterday around noon.  For our afternoon sightseeing tour we went to the Museum of Human Evolution.  It is a terrific museum that describes and has models of earliest humans until today.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

So this morning we decided to take a walk to the older part of town and see what there was to see.

We came upon this beautiful cathedral.

Even though we feel like we have been in a cathedral every day we have been in Spain, we decided to go into it anyway.  After all today is Sunday.

We were so glad we decided to see the inside. It was absolutely magnificent.  We have been in many other cathedrals on our trip but this one is by far the best.  Pictures were allowed as long as no flash was used.  This is the same in other cathedrals we have been in but this is the first one where it was bright enough for me to take pictures without a flash.

This cathedral has been cleaned inside and out.  I realize why the church has gone to electric candles.  The soot from the candles over the years make the inside of the church dark.  So, although I was surprised to see them used, I now believe it is for the best.  This church was very bright and beautiful.  The pictures should tell the story.

Unlike all the other cathedrals we have been in on this trip, this cathedral allows you to go into each chapel rather than look at it from behind a iron gate.

The ornate ironwork was very beautiful.

We liked this silver chariot.  Chuck said it must be the first Pope Mobile!

The stained glass windows were brilliant.

The marble carvings in the wall of the cathedral are fantastic.

Here is a tomb I especially liked.  It has a beautiful marble likeness of the Contable Don Pedro Fernandez de Velasco and his wife Dona Mencia de Mendoza. They died in 1492 and 1500 respectively.

This painting was my favorite.  It may not be the best piece of art in the cathedral, but I really liked it because of the baby Jesus.  He is tearing at the pages of the realistic of a baby.

Here are a couple of dome photos.

If you love cathedrals and if you are coming to Spain, I know Burgos is in the middle of nowhere, but I would highly recommend visiting this cathedral.  It is OUTSTANDING.



  1. An interesting article with beautiful photos of Burgos Cathedral

  2. Thanks Bob, It was a joy to take pictures in there because it was so light and beautiful.


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