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Monday, March 19, 2012

Chuck and the Statues in Burgos, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

The city of Brugos had many fun statues.  Chuck, being the sport that he is, posed with them for me.

Here's the pictures.....

Chuck with a statue of a pilgrim, who is on his way to Santiago, stopping for a rest.

Here is Chuck sneaking a chestnut from this little old lady who is roasting them.

I do not know who these two people are, but these same people were sold in miniature in the tourist gift shops.  If someone can shed some light on who they represent, we would really like to know.

Chuck with a couple of musicians.

This photo was taken just outside of the Museum of Human Evolution.  It looks like maybe people rub a certain part of this man's anatomy for good luck because it was more shiny than the rest of him.

Again, not sure whom this statue represents but we liked it very much.

Chuck and two other old folks.

Last, but not least...two knights in shining armor.

Here is the map of our journey so far.



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