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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chuck Gets His 90 Cents a Liter Wine!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

If you read yesterdays post you may remember that we stopped by a winery for tasting the wine.

While we were there, Chuck noticed a sign that said the wine was 90 cents a liter if you have your own container.  Unfortunately, we did not have a container so we left empty handed.

Well this morning, after we left our hotel, Chuck said we would stop by the winery on our way out of town.  I asked him where did he find a container.  He looked at me sheepishly and said "We just happen to have one with us"  I said "We do?".

"Remember when we were visiting Lourdes and we were on our way back to the hotel after visiting the site?  We found a tourist shop that was selling containers to hold HOLY WATER.  We bought it to take back as a souvenir.We have that container and it is empty.  It is exactly one liter."

"You gonna buy that wine and use the "HOLY WATER" container for it?"  I asked.

"Well sure, it's better than carrying it around empty when it could be serving a great purpose."

So we stopped at the winery, had the "HOLY WATER" container filled with the white wine.  Ninety cents later we were on the road.

Here is Chuck so proud of himself for remembering we had the empty l liter container.

Here is the wine maker filling the container straight from the tank.

We drove the back roads to Lugo, Spain and stopped early today.

Here is Chuck enjoying himself on the balcony of our hotel room this afternoon.



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