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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chuck, The Magnificent

Dear Family and Friends,

Today, after our Sunday morning Rich and Nancy walk, we returned home to rest.  I retired to the patio and was minding my own business...well, I was minding my own business clipping my toenails.

Chuck started nosing into my business.  He said "Did you know I can read toenail clippings?"

"Get outta here." I said

"No," he said, "Really I can. Watch."

He ran inside, got a towel, put it on his head like a turban.  He then sat in my chair, leaned over and started doing some hokus spokus stuff.

He said, " I see travel in your near future."

Holy cow! He was right on!  We leave next Sunday to go back to the US for a visit.  (I'll share more about that later.)

This man has talent.  If you want a private reading....get out the toenail clippers and give him a call.


  1. Too funny! Have a safe and wonderful trip to the States. Sorry we'll miss seeing you on our trip to Cuenca but if all works out as we hope, we'll meet you later in the year when we retire to Ecuador.

  2. Sounds like a plan Gloria. Hope to meet you this fall.

  3. Absolutely hilarious! Have a great trip you two!

  4. Thanks Connie, we surely will. Hugging grand babies!!

  5. OMG... I got a belly laugh out of that one.. He does know how to make your smile doesn't he!


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