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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chordeleg for Jewelry - Paute for Plants

Dear Family and Friends,

Today Chuck and I took a drive to Chordeleg.  Chordeleg is known for it's many jewelry stores.  I have posted about this town before, but took my camera along anyway.  This time I took pictures of a small fraction of the jewelry.

The early people of Ecuador were master metalworkers, and today jewelers still produce excellent silver, nickel, and brass jewelry.

This is an example of their sterling silver filigree bracelets.

Pendants handcrafted with spondylus inlay.  Spondylus is the lining of shells found on the coast of Ecuador.  It is sort of like "mother of pearl" but in vivid colors. 

Sterling silver rings...

Beautiful sterling silver cuff bracelets....

Nice sterling silver earrings.

Not all the jewelry is made in Ecuador.  Here are some imported rings.

Another selection of imported rings.

One purpose of the trip was to replace my silver earrings.  I dropped one of them down the sink drain and it washed away before it could be retrieved.  I am happy to report mission accomplished!

After spending a couple of hours in Chordeleg, we drove to Paute.

Paute is a lovely area and Chuck loves to go there to shop for plants.  Since I had my camera, as Chuck shopped for plants, I had a wonderful time photographing the flowers.

Take a look.

We had a wonderful day together.  Lunch in Paute and a beautiful drive.

We are starting to think about packing our suitcases again.  We are headed back to the U.S. in a couple of days to visit family in Georgia, Texas, Washington and Minnesota.  In the midst of all this we are taking a cruise to Alaska.  

As in Spain, I will try to blog often about our trip.

Thank you so much for reading.



  1. The flowers are stunning! The jewelry is as well! Thanks for sharing ;)
    Lori Baker


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