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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Down Home, Georgia

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I had a wonderful time this past week visiting family in Columbus, Georgia.

Here is the old Memorial stadium where I went to many high school football games.  The stadium was built in 1916 to host the University of Georgia vs Auburn University football games.  This stadium also served as the venue for the local high schools football games. 

We visited with my aunts...Aunt Opal, Aunt Mildred and Aunt Betty.  These women are all strong southern women that have been a wonderful role model for me.  When I get feisty and stubborn, Chuck says he knows I came be it honest.

We went out into the country to visit my cousin, Larry Day, and his family.  They have a wonderful old country house that is located in the woods of Georgia.

He took us to River Bend, a catfish restaurant located on the Flint River.  It is out in the country too and if you don't already know where it is located....don't bother.

We had catfish the old fashioned way....all you can eat.  

The food came on big platters and was replenished frequently.

Here is our first platter of fried catfish.  I think we ate three platters full before we were done.

The bone plate.

Here you are Larry....a star of this blog.  Thanks for a great dinner....we sure had a great time.

My cousin Larry.  He says he reads all the blogs written by Cuenca expats.  He was telling me things about folks in Cuenca that I didn't even know.

After dinner we went out on the porch and enjoyed the sunset over the Flint river.

Georgia is a beautiful state....and it is very pleasant this time of year.

Now we are off to Texas to spend Mother's Day with my mom.


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