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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Enjoying Texas

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has gone by so fast.  We are in Dallas, Texas visiting Norman and Nan, my brother and his wife, and mom.  My mom moved to Dallas from Columbus, GA several years ago.  She has Alzheimer disease and is living in a wonderful assisted living facility.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, Norman and Nan had a nice luncheon with our mom and Nan's mom and family at their house.

Here is a photo of my beautiful 90 year old mother and me.

Sunday evening Norman, Nan, Chuck and I drove to Galveston for a few days at the beach.  This was the first time Chuck or I had been to Galveston.  It was a great treat for us.  We stayed in a cabin belonging to Nan's dad and step mom. 

Here is a picture of my brother and Nan at a seafood restaurant in Galveston.

Norman and Nan are coming to visit us in Cuenca in August and we will all four stay in our penthouse condo that Chuck and I normally rent out.

Here is Chuck walking along the beach.  

The morning sun hiding behind a cloud.

We shopped downtown in the tourist part of old Galveston.  We were on a street called the Strand.

Here is Chuck pointing to a marker that shows the high water mark after Hurricane Ike in 2008.  The water would have been up to his eyebrows.

Because of hurricane danger, the houses in Galveston are built on stilts....

Chuck caught me feeding the seagulls from the porch of our cabin.

Unfortunately, we had no internet access so I was not able to blog until we returned.

On the way back through Houston, we stopped at the NASA space center.  What a cool place!

We saw the actual command center from the early days of space travel.

We even got to see an astronaut training for being weightless in space.

This is a replica of the Saturn rocket.

And this is the real deal.....the Saturn long as a football field.

There is a wonderful "hands on" area for learning all about our accomplishments in space.  Also there is an IMAX theater with great space pictures.

We really enjoyed this side trip.  

We have a couple of more days here in Dallas to visit with our family.  Then we will be off to Seattle.  


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