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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Enjoying Ecuador with Norman and Nan

Dear Family and Friends,

My brother, Norman, and his wife, Nancy are here visiting with us in Cuenca.  Unfortunately for us their stay is only one week long.  There is so much to see and do that we had to pick and choose what to share with them.

Although the weather has been cloudy and cold almost every day they have been here, Norman said he thought it felt great.  They left 100 degree weather in Dallas. 

One day last week we decided to go warmer weather.  We drove down to Paute to have lunch.  We then drove to Chordeleg so Nancy and I could shop for jewelry.  After shopping we drove on to Sigsig, where the world famous Panama hats are made.

Here are Norman and Nancy in the courtyard at Uzhupud.  

Nancy and I both bought a little bit of jewelry on Chordeleg before going to what I think was the highlight of the day.  The hat factory in Sigsig.

They had just dyed some straw and had it out drying. 

The straw dyes so nicely and the hats made from them are very colorful.

Here are some ladies working on some hats in the factory courtyard.

The factory (I use the term loosely) is not a factory as you would imagine.  Most of the work is done by hand.  All the hats are woven by hand and very few machines are used to finish them off as you can see.

This lady is ironing the brims of the hats.

This lady is sewing hat bands for the hats.

Hats stacked up waiting their turn.

Again, ladies in the courtyard working.

Some colorful hand baskets that are also woven there.

Norman, Nancy and Chuck all bought new hats there.

Here is Nancy in her hat.  The hat goes so well with her beautiful blue eyes.  Sorry that the  photographer did not get her in focus.

And here is Norman sporting a more traditional Panama hat.

We have had a great time with them.  Today we went for barbecue at Joe's Secret Garden.  We also tried the new Swiss restaurant and had lunch at San Sabas.  Tomorrow we will have brunch at the California Kitchen.

Monday night is Texas Hold'em and Tuesday we go to the Rotary market.  In between the eating and touring we have played cards almost every day.  It is so nice having family here.

One last picture.  Here is Norman checking out the vegetables at the Coopera.



    Thinking of you and hoping all is well.
    Looking forward to getting together soon, on our next trip to Cuenca.

  2. Leigh, Hope that you are coming to Cuenca soon.


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