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Friday, September 7, 2012

Passing on some Excellent Information

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I am passing along very important information from my friend, Nancy Levin.  Nancy and her husband, Joe, live on the coast of Ecuador. 

When I asked her if I could link to her post she graciously said "yes"

"It was a labor of love, so many folks come here and have no idea how things are done in Ecuador. I myself was not prepared when we moved from the US for all the differences in culture and I wished back then that there were more blogs like ours out there to make the transition easier. Today there are so many folks writing about their experiences it is a vast database of personal knowledge to gain confidence in moving to Ecuador, before it was very limited."

I agree Nancy, there is a wealth of information online to help newcomers to Ecuador.   Thank you for being one of those excellent resources.

Read this valuable link Important Information  if you are planning a visit to Ecuador.

Have a great weekend.


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