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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Freshest Milk Available

Dear Family and Friends,

While Norman and Nancy were here visiting us from Dallas, we took them to the Fieria Libre market on the busiest market day.

Among all the things for sell at the market, and believe me, there is almost anything for sale you can imagine; we happened upon the goat milk vender.

Goat milk is sold by the plastic cup.  Fresh goat milk right from the source.

Norman photographed the process of buying and drinking the milk.  Actually it wasn't bad, I would have preferred it a little colder....but the milk itself is good.  I don't think Norman tried it, but I think Nan took a sip.

Many people down here buy it by the cup and have their children drink it.

Thanks Norm for mailing me the pictures.



  1. Nancy, remember in 2008 when we came to visit? The milk vendor had one cup and everyone drank out of it! EEEEWWW... so glad to see the plastic cups. But I still have not dared to drink it.. Way to go.. you are braver than I am!

  2. Karen, It is all a matter of perspective....some would say brave and some would say stupid. Actually it is quite safe right out of the goat...natural antibiotics are produced by the nanny goat to protect her baby.


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