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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day Trip to Paute

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I went to Paute yesterday.  It is located about an hours drive from Cuenca.  It is lower and warmer there as a rule.  A great place for growing flowers....which they do in the Paute river valley.  Flowers for export.

Chuck loves going to the nurseries in Paute to buy plants.  He never knows which plants will thrive in the Cuenca climate, but he is always buying and trying....some do well, others bite the dust.

The mission of this trip was to stop at every nursery in Paute.  We stopped and shopped at each one.  Chuck bought plants and pots.

While in Paute, we went to Corvel Restaurant for lunch.  Although the downstairs backyard tables were closed for seating, Chuck and I set outside above and enjoyed the view.  They have so many outside decorations that it takes time to actually see them all.

The relaxing lunch was delicious, as usual.

As we started back to Cuenca, Chuck decided to take a back road.  In all our trips to Paute we had always taken the main highway along the river. For all of you who know Chuck, going the back road is his preferred route.

The back road did not follow the river, it went up into the Andes.  Yesterday was gorgeous and the perfect day for this road adventure. 

The views from the top were absolutely fantastic.   

We started back down to Cuenca after we passed the small community of San Cristabol.  Below is the San Cristabol church. 

We are really enjoying the sunshine these days. 



  1. I'm jealous! I am a newly arrived expat, who traded 7 acres in Maine for a very large terrace. I have bought a few pots and plants, but have lots more space to fill up. Nancy, if you ever tire of going with Chuck on a buying plants adventure keep me in mind please!
    I have been following your adventures for a while now and hope to bump into you one of these days.
    Judith Jackson

  2. Judith,
    We are happy you are in Cuenca. I am sure we will meet you around town soon. Regarding buying plants, most of the plants that Chuck buys comes from the Wednesday market at Feira Libre when the fresh plant vendors are there. Most of our pots are bought locally also. Check out the Rotary Market near 9th de Octubre Market.


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