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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharing Cuenca with Aunt Opal

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Sunday evening I flew from Quito to Atlanta.  After arriving in Atlanta at 6:00am Monday morning, I rented a car and drove to Columbus, Ga. to pick up Aunt Opal.  Aunt Opal is my mother's younger sister and she has always been a special person in my life.

On Tuesday, Aunt Opal and I drove to Atlanta and started our journey back to Ecuador.  We arrived in Quito about 10pm.  We spent the night in Quito and continued to Cuenca on Wednesday.  Although we were both tired from the travel, a good nights sleep brought us both back up to speed.

Thursday we headed out for a little adventure.  A little each day, with time for naps in the afternoon, seems to be working real well.

Here are some pictures so far.

Aunt Opal at the flower market downtown.  She wants her kids to know that she is drinking a lot of water.  

Aunt Opal is taking a lot pictures to share with her great grandchildren.  Here she is photographing musicians from Peru playing pan pipes on the street.

Today, we went to the 10 de Agusto market.  Besides looking at all the fruits and vegetables, we ran into some little children playing with baby chicks.

Aunt Opal formed an instant bond with them and they with her.  She photographed them and then showed them their pictures.  They could not understand a word she said nor could she understand a word they said, but believe me there was communication (via the heart) that was taking place.

Here is Aunt Opal at a store that sells the skirts that the indigenous women wear in Cuenca.  The embroidery is beautiful and the colors are spectacular.

Tomorrow we are driving into the countryside.  I will share more later.  For all the family following Aunt Opal's adventure I want you to know that she is having a great time and we are loving having her here.



  1. Sounds like she is having a blast. I'm so glad she was able to come to see you. BTW, I see your Aunt Mildred almost every week when I go to teach a Bible Study where she lives.

  2. Glad to see her doing so well and able to take a grade trip as this. Thank you Nancy for taking Aunt Opel to see your beautiful adopted home.


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