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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sig Sig and more....

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a very nice time this past weekend.  We took Aunt Opal on a day trip to Sig Sig to see where panama hats are made.

With so many hats available, choosing the one you want can be difficult.

Here is Chuck showing Aunt Opal how they use heat and a mold to form the shape of the Panama hat.

On our way home we crossed the Paute river and went to Hacienda Uzhupud.  Nancy and Rich joined us there for a delicious buffet lunch.

Sunday morning we met Barbara and Howard at San Sebas for breakfast.  After breakfast we went to Parque Calderon to have Aunt Opal's picture made. 

 She is now adorning our refrigerator "visitors of fame" wall.

Sunday afternoon, Lourdes and William came over and cooked a wonderful traditional Ecuador coast dish, arroz con cameron, which is a stirred fried rice with shrimp.  We had a wonderful meal together and even Aunt Opal had second helpings.  

We still have road trips to take and places to visit.  So glad Aunt Opal has the time to have a relaxing visit.


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