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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Zealand Sheep Sheep Sheep

Dear Family and Friends,

We are in Rotorua....a city of about 30,000.

Today we went out into the countryside to a sheep farm.

We saw a lot of varieties of sheep. All are raised in New Zealand.

Here is a picture of all the varieties of sheep raised here.

They gave us a sheep shearing demonstration.

The same little guy after he was sheared.

Here is Chuck about to be attacked by the biggest guy ever.  He better get his nose out of that book.

We had a great day.



  1. What fun!!! You are about 1 hour away from the manufacturer of two of my spinning wheels. (They are in Tauranga). Someday, someday I hope to tour New Zealand - it's where my Godparents were from.

  2. Susan, I thought of you and Karen Kimbler when we were at the sheep farm. New Zealand is great, I hope you tour it too.


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