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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Russell - a historic quaint town.

Dear Family and Friends,

After we got off the tall ship, we decided to walk around the town of Russell before heading back across the bay on the ferry.

The town consists of about three or four blocks for restaurants, tourist shops and pubs.

 Chuck checking out a cannon from the mid 1800's

 Across from the shops were tables under the trees for enjoying refreshments.

 Oh my!!  One way to control the small ones.  Actually this dad was showing his daughter how the stocks worked.  She was laughing....honest!!


We had dinner in Russell before taking the ferry back to Paihia. 

When we travel for months...we have to build in down days.  Today is one of those down days.  A day for doing laundry and resting.  Here is Chuck doing his part.

Tomorrow we head to Rotorua.


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