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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grocery Shoping in New Zealand

Dear Family and Friends,

One thing we like to do when we travel is to check out the grocery stores.  It is fun to see what the local folks are buying and eating.

Good ol' acid drops.  A favorite of kids. Actually they taste pretty good.  A hard candy made with citric acid.

We found this interesting.  Coffee w/milk in a tube.  Just add boiling water.  We didn't buy it because it didn't appeal to us.

I am including this picture because I am wondering if you can look at the label on these cans and tell me who the parent company is?

The answer is Heinz.

Here is a drink I bought and tasted.  It is Ginger Beer.  Non alcoholic and somewhat like root beer.  It is made in Australia.  I found it to be too sweet.  However, the alcoholic version is not too bad.


We have had a fun time trying the local dishes here.  One favorite is Blue Cod.  It is a light fish that is served lightly battered and fried with fries.  Another favorite is lamb.  We have had lamb in about every form possible.  We even have had lamb burgers, which by the way are delicious.  We only got fooled one time when we ordered lamb but received mutton.

One other thing, we have found that you do not need a corkscrew in New Zealand.  All their wines have screw on caps.

Some New Zealand tidbits I thought you might like to know about.


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