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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Matt's Vacation

Dear Family and Friends,

After leaving Minnesota, Chuck and I flew to Seattle, rented a car and drove across the mountains to Richland. We went to pick up Matt to start his vacation.  This year he decided to take the Canadian train across Canada to Toronto.

This is what we were greeted with as we reached the summit of the Cascade mountains on April 29th.

We picked up Matt and headed back to Seattle on May 4th (5 days later) and this is how the summit looked.   Bare and dry!! Absolutely beautiful weather!

We drove to the airport in Seattle, turned in our rental car.  We caught the Seattle light rail to the Amtrak station. 

Here is Matt at the renovated King Street station as we waited for our train to Vancouver, Canada.

It took about four hours to get to Vancouver.   We had wi-fi on the train so the time went by quickly.

Next time I will share with you about our visit in Vancouver before we board the Canadian train for Toronto.


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  1. Welcome to our city! Beautiful when the sun shines, looks like you're in luck!


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